• M1911 Knife

    Blade Selection Grip SelectionFixed Blade Accessories Every M1911 Knife is manufactured with standard 1911 pistol bushings, grip screws, and grip panels. Now you can customize your knife with whatever standard size or Officer grips that suit your needs, or make a perfectly matching knife-and-gun set.

    These knives are crafted in small scale productions only. Each one is inspected and tested thoroughly before being shipped to customer.

    All blades are covered by Manufacturers Limited Life-time Warranty.

    You can choose from Standard Folding Knives, Compact Folders, and Fixed Blades.

    For every blade type, you have the choice of CPM S35-VN or 440C stainless blade steel. D2 Tool Steel is also available for fixed blade knives.

    Blades are available in three finishes - satin, polished, or black titanium nitride finishes.

    A variety of grip panels are available to go on the knives, including: Texas Grips Custom grip panels, Stock Texas Grips grip panels, Standard Double Diamond in various materials, or Standard G10 panels .

    Pick your favorite combination.

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